Staffing Services


We provide payroll services, workers comp insurance and client specific reporting.

To be successful in a partnership with your company, the first and most important responsibility of ours is to have the best recruiting strategy in place at all times. The key to our success is being pro-active in our recruiting plain. In order to accomplish this, Energeo recruits on a daily basis. With over 75 years of successful staffing experience, we are experts at matching clients with their qualified prospective employees.   This includes finding prospective employees through job fairs, on site interviews, client and associate referrals, on-site customer job fairs, media advertising and social networking.

Our field specialties include:

  • Warehousing/Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Forklift Operators
  • Pick/Pack
  • Assembly
  • Office/Administrative Support
  • Call Center Environments
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Accounting

The Interviewing Process

After receiving qualified applications and a skills assessment, all candidates are then interviewed by a trained recruiter. If the needs of our clients match up with the needs of a prospective employee, an Energeo orientation is then completed to go over policies and a pre-screening. All employees complete our orientation program before being considered for work assignments and then complete your own customized orientation upon request.